Upgrading the 4th Ring Transportation Corridor in Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Current Project
This is currently the largest precast segmental bridge project in the world. The City of Zhengzhou is the capital of the Henan Province with a population of 9.4 million inhabitants is an important transportation hub in the heart of China. The elevated expressway will have a total length of 93 km, the design of 27 main interchanges, 12 railway crossings, 21 river crossings, underground utility relocations, and the upgrade of existing roads and bridges.  The focus of this project is to increase the capacity and to implement green construction technology. In order to provide a cost-effective solution about 900 precast bridge frames with span length between 36m and 46m were designed. For the entire project, including ramps and interchanges, close to 50,000 precast segments are needed. Eight (8) completely new PC yards with over 400 PC stations were designed and were ready for production within 5 months. With a fabrication cycle of 2 days per segment, 200 PC segments are produced every day at the peak production speed.
The precast segmental bridge concept with the standardized structural design is innovative, simple but beautiful.
SECI / SETI is responsible for the precast segment geometry control, developing the global, local and erection coordinates for 50,000 precast segments, including the fabrication and erection camber.
SECI is responsible for the high precision survey and the data management of all survey data.
SECI / SETI is also responsible for the precast yards, the quality control of the precast segments in the precast yard and at the erection site. We are also providing onsite support at the precast yards and at over 50 erection sites along the 4th Ring Transportation Corridor.